Upon collection of your vehicle you will be supplied with a free detailed map of the island. However here we have taken the time to create a route planner suggesting some of the nicest spots on the island that you could visit.


Also known as the "Island of Dreams"

Listed below are some of our personal favourite parts of this enchanting island.


Vassilikos - You will discover a selection of fantastic beaches, some of the nicest beaches in the whole of Greece, are found in this area of Zakynthos, arranging your car with JetCar lets you choose your own perfect beach, here are some of the many you can choose from,
St Nicholas Beach, Banana, Plaka, Mellor, Gerakas

Porto Limnionas, Porto Roxa -
For a more adventurous day visit these breath taking gulfs. Enjoy the beautiful mountainous area followed by the rocky steps that lead you down to the turquoise waters. Some caves here are within swimming distance. After your swim relax at the small taverns above and enjoy the exquisite endless view of blue.


Going inland in Zakynthos is a must, you will get to sample the traditional way of life, some of the locals have not ever left their village, so, look with amazement when tourists come to visit them. You could easily find yourself getting invited into the locals houses, and, the woman of the house will insist you sample the home made Olive Oil, Honey and of course Wine (remember the village wine can be very strong, so, it is not advised drivers sample this). You will also find your holiday shopping cheaper in the traditional villages. During the winter months, the women in the villages spend their time making rugs, lace, ceramics etc, and, give tourists the chance to buy, when they visit in the summer months. All of the villages have their own unique charm, and, you will find your favourite, here are a few to look out for,

Koiliomenos (experience the traditional cuisine in Alitzourini a stone built village tavern)
Volimes, Anafonitra, Loucha, Exo-Choro (home of one of the oldest olive trees on the island)

When you vist the villages, you really will think time has stood still.


There are a lot of traditional ports, here on Zakynthos, when you visit these, you may decide to go on a little boat and sail into some of the stunning caves on the island and the famous Shipwreck otherwise known as Smuggler's Cove.

Keri, Skinari, Porto Vromi, St. Nicholas Port

At Porto Vromi and St. Nicholas Port boatmen with their small boats await for you to take you on a tour of the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves in a more private, economical and pleasant fashion than the big commercial cruises.

The town centre of Zante extends in a semi-circle, between the Castle hill and the sea. Here you will find Solomos Square the town's largest square. Its lines of trees and pretty flowerbeds make it an attractive open space surrounded by aristocratic buildings and with a state of Solomos, the national poet of Greece. In the evening this is where people consecrate for the "volta" the stroll which is a Greek provincial custom. New friendships are made and old ones renewed as the people of the town enjoy the cool of the evening. The Strata Marina Street, the towns main street starts in Solomos Square and runs as far as the church of Agios Dionysios. It is the town's busiest street during summer with plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops of every kind.


The Venetian fortress above Zakynthos town Bohali, is known as "The Balcony of Zakynthos", this is one of the nicest views on the Island, a perfect photo opportunity, with many coffee and ice-cream shops where visitors can relax and enjoy the magnificent view.

The sunsets spots in zakynthos are truly stunning, and, there is nothing more relaxing then watching the sunset with a nice cool drink, and, sharing this experience with somebody close to you. The sunsets here are picture perfect; a couple of "Sunset Spots" are



Take some time to visit the other buzzing tourist resort areas of Zakynthos and perhaps choose a different resort for your next visit.

Laganas , Argassi, Tsilivi, Kalamaki, Alikes, Alikana

Zakynthos is a very easy island to discover independently, and, above are just a handful of places to visit. You will discover your own personal favourite part of the island. Our representatives are always more than willing to provide information and offer tips.

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